About Ali

I am one of those strange birds who knew what they wanted to be in high school. I liked reading, didn’t love writing, but relished helping my classmates improve their writing in the peer-review process. This intrinsic interest—coupled with my knack for grammar from taking years of German and my perfectionist nature—took me down an educational path to become a copyeditor and eventually found Purple Ink Editing.

I earned a bachelor of arts in English with an emphasis in publishing from the Pennsylvania State University, from which I graduated with highest distinction, as well as a master of arts in professional communication with an emphasis in technical writing and editing from Clemson University.

I have spent the last decade (plus!) honing my professional editing and communication skills through various work experiences of increasing responsibility, including roles as both a traditional employee and a freelancer with Purple Ink Editing. (Learn more about my experience and connect with me on LinkedIn.)

Through my education and work experiences, I have gained in-depth knowledge of the writing process, effective composition tactics, rhetorical strategies, tutoring and coaching, and English grammar and usage. I have worked on a variety of projects for both academics and business professionals, including academic journal articles, books, proposals, dissertations/theses, presentations, website content, student papers, marketing collateral, press materials, resumes, and more, and I have helped countless writers improve their skills and enhance their writing confidence through one-on-one tutoring and coaching.

Regardless of client or content, I collaborate with writers throughout the writing process with compassion and expertise to create rhetorically effective communication and clearly convey the intended message.

A few fun facts: I am a dog lover (see my dog Bella above), a self-proclaimed artist, an amateur photographer, a soccer player and weightlifter, and a nascent world explorer.