I have very much appreciated your help in polishing my manuscripts before submission. You are always accessible, reliable, and do a high quality job.  I highly recommend your service to others.

- Dr. Dean Shepherd, Randall L. Tobias Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership, Indiana University.

Dear Ali,

Thank you very much for the great working relationship we have had so far. Your copyediting is fantastic—both very quick and of great quality. I really appreciate your services and am looking forward to sending you many more papers in the future.

All the best,

- Dr. Holger Patzelt, Chair in Entrepreneurship, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Technical University of Munich

Dear Ali,

Thank you for doing such a terrific job editing the manuscripts I’ve sent you this past year.  You have been a tremendous resource, and the value you’ve added to these projects has been undeniable.  I will highly recommend your services to my colleagues in the future.

Kind regards,

- Dr. Bill Wales, Assistant Professor, James Madison University, College of Business, Management Department

Ali does an extremely thorough job helping with word choice to enhance my overall message as well as fixing grammar in my writing. She really helps clarify any ambiguous language issues and also provides guidance to explain why she made particular improvements. She has really helped me think about how to improve my writing! Ali delivers as promised, on time, without hassles. I have already recommended her to my colleagues!

- Dr. Alexander McKelvie, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management

I’ve known Ali almost for three years.  As an international student who majors in communications, it was not easy to write papers and polish them, and I was often ashamed to show my papers in public. Thanks to Ali, I now have confidence in my writing. Her proofreading is always great! Not only does she correct grammatical errors, but she polishes my writing and makes it “shiny.” Every time she edits for me, she understands the context of my writing and gives me great feedback and comments. She respects my own style of writing and is always done on time and never disappoints me.

I am very happy with her work, and she has a great personality, which is another important factor when I choose who I work with. I am so proud of her and happy to introduce her to my friends and colleagues as my proofreader and editor.

Thank you very much for your great work!

- Youjeong Kim, Student, Penn State University

I knew I could do the writing, but I did not trust myself to be able to step back and find all the grammatical errors. In the past, I have asked fellow teachers to read through assignments, but I did not want to impose on anyone for this big of a paper. That said, I am also a firm believer in paying people for their expertise; while I can drive well (write), I still pay a mechanic (editor) to keep my car running. Ali found lots of grammatical errors in my writing and also offered suggestions for making the flow of my paper work better. I would highly recommend her services.

Evelyn Lenton, Student, Penn State University

I have been searching for a good copy editor and finally discovered Ali through a colleague. English is not my first language, which means Ali had to do double duty with my manuscript.  Not only did she make my words come across more “intelligently,” she did this in a manner that made me feel more “educated” about how to write better in the future. I recommend her services without any hesitationyou actually get more than your money’s worth.

- Dr. Minet Schindehutte, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Syracuse University, Whitman School of Management

Ali Ferguson edited my legal documents for my photography business. She did an awesome job! She was very precise, corrected even the smallest of details, and provided awesome suggestions and changes! I would highly recommend her to edit and proof whatever you can throw at her!

- Davey Morgan, Photographer, Davey Morgan Photography, Greenville, SC

Ali has been very instrumental in helping me complete my PhD requirements. Her excellent copyediting work, dedication, and professionalism allowed me to finish on time. I have recommended her, and will continue to recommend her, to all of my colleagues.

- Mohammad AlMarzouq, Student, Clemson University ______________________________________________________________________________

I’d always been told I was a strong writer, and that I had a way of engaging the reader with my writing style. I also had always scored highly on standardized writing tests, but none of that mattered once I started a doctoral program.

My professors kept telling me that my writing was not suitable for academia. For over a year, I went back and forth with my advisors with my dissertation proposal until I found Ali. I put my entire program success in her hands, when I asked her to review my proposal and “make it sound academic.”  

The results were astounding. My advisors now critique the content of my work instead of the writing, and I am on track to graduate about 8 months from now. Ali took my writing and through careful suggestions and wordsmithing vastly improved the quality of my document. Before Ali, my committee dreaded receiving documents from me; now, they are happy to read my submissions. Turnaround from my committee has gone from 2-3 weeks to 4-5 days all because Ali helped clarify my writing.

Ali’s careful editing has helped my writing read academically rather than conversationally, and for that I will always be grateful.

- Chris Zimmer, Student, Clemson University

Ali did an excellent job editing a paper I was submitting to the Society of Plastics Engineers' annual technical conference.  She is very professional with all of her comments and corrections and super pleasant to deal with!  I will definitely be using her editing service again and recommend it to all of my friends. 

- Keith Maloney, Student, Penn State University


I just wanted to tell anyone who needs an editor they need to look no further than Purple Ink Editing.  We appreciate your editing our press releases, articles, and white papers, and we have gotten several comments on the professionalism and how well they were written, especially the last white paper you did.

We have seen more responses than ever before, and we attribute a lot of that to your expertise.

Please let everyone know how pleased we are with your work and give them our name as a reference. I guess the best compliment I could give you is that you define the word “wordsmith” to me.

Thank you for all you have done for us, and we will continue to grow our business with your help. 

-  Dr. Jack Kelly, Business Consultant, The Opus One Group, Kennesaw, GA


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