Editing: Editing is the primary service I offer and the aspect of my job about which I am most enthusiastic. I can edit anything you have written, and I mean anything!  Whether you want a light copyedit of a newspaper article or a thorough copyedit of your new book, I have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you meet your goals and effectively reach your target audience.  Editing is my passion (weird, I know), and I would love to share that passion and help you make your text perfect. The following are the editing services I provide*:

  • Developmental Edit—A developmental edit is performed when a document is being drafted and needs organizational/structural revision. A developmental edit provides high-level feedback on organizational and structural elements in the form of global comments (i.e., document-wide comments instead of line edits focusing on very specific problems). The editor concentrates on organization, consistency, focus, logic, flow, and tone/voice from a global standpoint; very few—if any—line edits are made. 
  • Light Edit—In a light edit, the editor checks text and figures for accuracy in headings, figure citations, and document references; consistency in font size, spacing, other formatting, sequencing, and organization; correctness of grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, subject-verb agreement, verb tense, and word usage (diction).
  • Medium Edit—For a medium edit, the editor performs all checks described for light editing, plus rewrites as necessary to improve clarity or conciseness and edits graphics for draft review. 
  • Substantive Edit—A substantive edit includes all aspects of the medium edit as well as a thorough review to ensure clarity of expression, completeness of discussion, and logical development of ideas. For a substantive edit, the editor will add needed material, delete unnecessary material, and rewrite as necessary to correct awkward sentence structure or eliminate ambiguities.
  • Rewrite/Restructure—Rewriting or restructuring a document requires all steps of a substantive edit in addition to rewriting text; reorganizing chapters, sections, etc.; writing abstracts; restructuring tables; revising or reorienting illustrations; and improving overall document quality and tone.

Writing: In addition to editing services, Purple Ink also offers copywriting services to meet companies' and individuals' overall communication needs. With experience writing website content, brochures, newsletters, how-to documents, cover letters, news pieces, social media content, and more, I have first-hand experience telling companies' stories and conveying messages to unique target audiences.

Resumes: Applying for a new job is difficult and stressful enough, but writing a resume to show your fullest potential can make that task infinitely more difficult. Through both my educational background and professional experience (including work in government contracting), I have gained in-depth knowledge on how to write effective, organized, aesthetically pleasing resumes that help clients get their dream jobs. Whether you have a base resume that needs to be spruced up or you are starting from scratch, I can help you create a job-winning resume.

If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me!

*Pricing is determined on a per-project basis. In this model, prices vary depending on the type of editing needed with developmental editing being the least expensive and a rewrite/restructure being the most expensive.

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